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PSL Revival of Pakistan’s Cricket

“I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter grounds its become a different zone and there is always hunger for winning”. Although cricket was introduced by English men but the people of subcontinent adopt its expertise in such a manner that now without India and Pakistan it seems dull.
Both the countries have many legends and whenever it comes to India VS Pakistan, it becomes a war of bat and ball for win but ultimately one has to win and the other lose.

Massive Crowd enjoying Cricket in Pakistan

Massive Crowd enjoying Cricket in Pakistan

“Kuch bhe hojata India sy Na Harty”. That is the most common line spoken by Pakistanis whenever we lose a match from India. But on the other side of the boarder not all but the officials and the forces like Shiv Sina have shown extreme against this game which is known as game of gentle men.

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After war against terror Pakistan was facing terrorist attacks but after attack on Srilankan cricket team in Lahore door of international cricket in Pakistan grounds was halted. On the other hand BCCI have not allowed or should say that close doors for Pakistani players in Indian Premier League.

Pakistanis are a cricket and peace loving nation. We love to play, watch cricket and to prove ourselves as super champions.  PCB started national T20 cup which was witnessed by fully packed grounds in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Lahore. After success of that event PCB is now aiming to start PSL( Pakistan Super League). This is going to start in Dubai in February. Many international players have signed PSL as they all know that this is going to be a wonderful event full of thrill and excitement.

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