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Why Pakistan Super League is not being organized in the country

Being a Pakistan I, like million others have a concern that Pakistan Super League should be held on Pakistani land. We had seen our packed grounds whenever any team of the world visited Pakistan. But then we also saw that the grass of our ground got dried. The one reason behind the misery of Pakistani Cricket Grounds was Terrorism. We know that IPLt20 holds in India like as BPLt20 holds in Bangladesh then why PSLt20 cannot be held in Pakistan?
We faced crisis in all aspects of life as nation. Our bowlers are banned. Our team and all the staff was in strict surveillance of ICC and International Media.

Now I come to the point that Why should we ignore this line “Why PSLt20 is not been playing in Pakistan?” PCB organizes domestic t20 domestic tournament very successfully this shows that we can arrange PSLt20 in Pakistan. But Pakistan Super League PSLt20 is first experience with international players. On a safer hand we shouldn’t take any kind of risk. Once the international players signed contract for years and security situation of country gets satisfactory then players and officials will have no offense to come to Pakistan. Security situation is getting improved day by day and Insha’ALLAH soon all sorts of threats and fears will be demolished.

PSLt20 is much awaited by Pakistani nation and all the cricket lovers all over the world. Our youngsters and new comers will having a chance to play in the company of experienced players like Ricky Ponting, SangaKara, Jayawardene and many others. PSLt20 tournament will bring a optimism and enjoyment in all over the country. Support this event on all platforms of Social Media and keep sharing your ideas and suggestions with us. India and Bangladesh are not in line of fire but we are. We have to show patience and support Cricket Pakistan either tests ODIs or t20. This will convey our message to the world that we are a peaceful and cricket loving nation.

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